App Store Review Craziness

What’s going on with App Review?[1]

Yesterday morning, I uploaded two apps to iTunes Connect. One that had to go through beta review to be sent to external testers and one that had to go through normal app review to be sold in the AppStore.

Here’s the odd timeline (all times CET):

  • 10:01 - Release app uploaded
  • 11:38 - Beta app uploaded
  • 15:46 - Release app rejected[2]
  • 16:09 - Release app uploaded (again)
  • 19:09 - Release app approved
  • 01:07 - Beta app approved

In the 13 hours and 29 minutes it took to approve my beta app, my release app was rejected once within 5 hours and 45 minutes, then fixed, and then approved in 3 hours!

No expedited reviews were requested.


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  1. One of the few times that’s meant in a positive manner.  ↩

  2. For the exact same thing I wrote about here. You’d think I would learn?  ↩

  3. My shortest blog post yet!  ↩